¡Nos gusta mucho el pan de muerto!

Sra Guzmán, Español.

During October, we focused on the virtue of Estudiosidad, Studiousness; our phrase was ¡Estudia mucho!

After becoming proficient on describing themselves and others and stating their likes and dislikes, the sixth graders have been working with ordinal numbers, classes, and schedules.  They are getting better at talking about their schedules and comparing/describing classes.  Lately, we’ve been practicing conjugation, which is not easy; the students are getting better and better at it; they now can talk about what they do in each class!

Last week, we celebrated El Día de los Muertos, a colorful and joyful holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in México in honor of loved ones who have passed away.  It’s a very interesting holiday, so go to the link to learn more!

The sixth graders learned many interesting facts about the holiday, including its origin in the Aztec culture. They saw an Ofrenda and talked about the objects and symbols on it, they saw how Mexican people process to the cemeteries and decorate the graves of their loved ones, and they also experienced the joy of the celebration by watching and singing along to a Rockalingua video/song dedicated to the holiday. Their favorite part of the celebration was enjoying the traditional Pan de Muerto, so delicious!  

They made their own esqueletos, gave them  fun personalities, and wrote about their likes and dislikes – way to go sixth graders!

¡Bendiciones para todos!