Halloween and Pickleball

Ms. McKelvey- PE Specialist

Hello from the gymnasium,

Our 8th grade class just completed the pumpkin relay race and pumpkin patch challenge where every pumpkin had a body reward like squats, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. Students also built forts to hide from Ghostbusters as they scootered around the gym like ghosts and ran from the boulder in Indiana Jones for Halloween festivities! We are now starting our Pickleball unit to help increase our hand-eye coordination along with net game tactics. Students will be learning all the rules of Pickleball including the Double Bounce Rule and the Kitchen. Since we only have 4 courts I have acquired some fun new sidelines games like Flarts, a floor dart game, to insure to student is waiting around to play Pickleball in class!

Also Nike is offering this really cool opportunity for 8th grade girls; deadline is November 15th. Please encourage your daughter to go visit www.gamegrowers.com

-Ms. McKelvey