Gobble Gobble

We are full of thanks and quite grateful as we approach Thanksgiving. Our giant turkey on our floor-to-ceiling bulletin board has many colorful feathers with each one stating an example of thankfulness. Here are some of the things our class is thankful for:  mom and dad, prayer, snakes, pets, teachers, friends, plants, animals, classmates, family, God, blankets, parents, surprises, the world, sisters, dogs, cousins, a puppy, baby brother, grandma, Valentines, and God’s gifts.  The most wonderful part of this discussion was seeing how quickly they came up with numerous examples of goodness in their lives!

Sensory words have been in abundance this week.  We shared many examples of how things look, feel, taste, smell, and sound.  What a surprise, their favorite sensory topic was all about ice cream.  They all agreed that flavors taste sweet, the cone sounds crunchy when you bite into it, and the ice cream feels really cold on your tongue. Ask your child to uses sensory words to describe things they come across at home!

We had an assembly that focused on the virtue of humility.  So many students had good examples of what humility might look like in everyday life. We talked about being grateful for what you have, asking for help when you need it, being a team player, and recognizing the value and strengths of others.

Our class used ten-frames to show the numbers 11, 12, 13, and 14 in math this week.  They are demonstrating continued improvement when it comes to listening to directions, working carefully to follow steps, and checking their work with the example on the Smart Board.

The St. Vincent de Paul Food Drive will continue until November 21st. The Kindergarten class is collecting pastas and sauces, so please feel free to send in an item or two to contribute to this worthwhile cause.  We have already received some generous donations, so thank you for being so kind and caring!

There is no school on Monday as we recognize Veterans Day.  We talked about what the day means and how we can thank people for their service to our country.  We also chatted about our flag, showing people respect, and being appreciative of those who devote their lives to protect us.

If you have a Conference Concern form at home, please fill it out and send it in next week.  We look forward to hearing about topics you would like to cover when we meet with you.  Of course, feedback about your child and questions you have are always welcome!

We look forward to seeing you in the near future for parent conferences!

Mrs. Benson