Dia de Los Muertos

Mrs. White, Visual Arts

The students just finished creating their Day of the Dead skulls!  Before we started this project, we talked about the celebration and then looked at the beautiful calaveras or skulls that people decorated.  The calaveras were painted with highly detailed designs and traditional symbols.  Students noticed the skulls were often symmetrical which helped with showing balance.  Artists often made “skeleton” sculpture of people or animals during this celebration.  The sixth graders created amazing Day of the Dead skulls to honor this celebration.  We added color to our Dia de Los Muertos by using a marker on foil technique.  The students colored a design with markers on foil and then spray with water.  Then they placed their skull design on the foil to create a unique and colorful marker print.  I love when I am able to integrate subjects together in the art room, and Dia de Los Muertos gives me the opportunity!